#4 - Francis has a secret, sharing personal stuff is hard, and the pros and cons of being judgmental

Francis tells Ben a secret... He has a tweet thread in his drafts and he's been too chicken to post it.

We talk about the feelings behind what makes pressing that post button so hard, especially when the post is about personal stuff. But really, the personal stuff can be the most valuable content, and being vulnerable in public can be a surprisingly effective strategy.

Maybe this hesitation comes from the fear of being negatively judged in public. And maybe we only have that fear because we're so judgmental when we look at other people's content, and make a judgement on whether that content suits or doesn't suit our taste. It's tricky, because we need the ability to be judgemental so we can develop a taste, and figure out what we actually like. But if we give in to that judgement too much, it makes us haters and that's just not good for anyone.

The hard part is finding that balance, and we don't have much good advice for how to find it. It really depends on you. If you're able to frame your judgement in a way that takes into account the circumstances, contexts, and experiences that other people are facing, then that might be a good way to be able to keep the judgement in check.

I wish we could say we are being super altruistic in trying to control the extent of our judgement, but really we do it so that we can feel comfortable sharing and posting the things we are creating. It's hard to put yourself out there. To put yourself in a vulnerable position to be judged and commented on by faceless internet haters, but maybe this process will help us be more comfortable doing it.

If you don't like the content in your niche, because the style or format doesn't appeal to you — then it might be a good opportunity to create content in a style or format that appeals to you. And if it appeals to you, there's a good chance it appeals to others. That's a good way of turning your judgment into something productive.

Ok, ok, this isn't Dr Phil. This is Make Now, Think Later. We're exploring why it's so hard to post things, and we hope this episode resonates with some of your troubles in the getting started of getting started.

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We hope you enjoy this episode ✌️