#8 - Doing the "right things" but not seeing growth, being clear on your goals, and leaning into your curiosity

In this episode we have our first caller! @e1cassidy has been working on growing his following online, but has been finding himself hitting a wall recently. What has previously worked for him has stopped working, and he's finding himself not getting as much reward even though he's putting more effort in.

It can be so frustrating to have to feel like you have to constantly adapt to what the "algorithm" is doing, or what all the best practices are. At some point you start spending more effort on the mechanics of putting the post out rather than on the content itself. You might've put up with it when you were at least getting some followers, or getting some people coming in and seeing your stuff -- but if that starts to dry up, how can you find a way to keep going? Especially when all the joy has already been sucked out of it.

We always come from the place of bringing people along for the journey, finding your community, and creating in public (with the garage door open). And if there's one thing that is more important than anything else it's to find a way to enjoy it! If you burn out, or stick with a plan that is full of "best practices" but unsustainable, you won't be in the game for much longer. Making sure you can stick with it is 100% the most important thing.

We give some specific and more general advice and thoughts for @e1cassidy—and we open the floor to anyone else who would like to ask us a question! Send it to us in whatever format, short, long, medium, voice, via pigeon, anything! We love to hear from you and would love to help you reach your content creation goals as best we can!

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