#10 - Livestreaming, diversifying your skillset, and feeling behind

Ben and Francis are exploring the world of livestreaming. Not just for entertainment purposes, but to help them with creating their content! Francis uses it as a means to stay focused, and Ben uses it as a way to share what he's already doing. Since ben's already doing the drawing and painting—why not just share the process with others at the same time (and organically build a community on the side).

We also discuss the the more meta aspect of creating content, and how it compares to more traditional work-life balance approaches. We've never been "work-life balance" people. It's not just hard going against the grain, but explaining it to friends and family grows tiresome quickly. Especially when you don't feel like you're hitting the more traditional milestones of life and just start to feel behind amongst your peers.

Setting up your life to be more "antifragile", and setting yourself up to diversify your skillset is a good way to deal with unceratinty. That way when uncertain things happen, you're not just protected against them—but you grow from them, and that means that you start to seek them out more. Putting yourself out there in situations where there's uncertainty and the downsides are low, but the upside might be high is a good way to start getting more "lucky" in your life.

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