#22 - Building more variety into your content

(00:00) Intro

(00:28) Ben's 2nd YouTube video results

(04:09) Three word prompt challenge for the next vid

(11:00) Having more variety in your channel

(14:14) Summarising the new video idea, and systematising video editing

(18:02) The need to be solving puzzles

(20:46) Rebuilding Keepon

(22:21) Procrastination as a signal and working on what you can't stop thinking about

(25:19) Content on what you're doing anyway

(30:58) What can you do week in, week out

(34:27) Building the habit of saying what you're doing

(35:40) Working together

(37:56) Being an expert in something

(41:09) Relearning the same lessons & wrapping up

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