#9 - Balancing work and content creation, using work for "material", and reducing friction when you're procrastinating

The dream is to share what you do and what you know and to make a living from it. The reality is... You have bills to pay. That's the dilemma facing Francis as he considers taking up contract work to help take the pressure off. But the worry is that you might fall into the trap of the continual cycle of doing this and then find yourself not having the energy to build the dream you want to!

Ben & Francis talk about how to balance contract/part-time/full-time work with building an audience, and discuss some ways that you can use your work with you when you're trying to build an audience. Is there a way to use your work as "material" or to use it to put yourself in situations where you can build an audience while building in public?

We also talk about our tendency to be a bit too ambitious when trying to start a new project. Sometimes this ambitiousness gets in the way of you doing the most important thing—starting! Reducing the friction to start is so important (so you can improve the chances of you starting the thing), it's so easy to get caught up in the trap of finding the most optimal way to do things, or trying to make your production value high, or waiting for the perfect time to do something. You gotta trust that your best ideas are ahead of you! And anyway you learn so much more in the process of doing stuff, rather than the process of thinking about stuff.

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