#7 - Ben's first product: How much he made ($$), the launch process, and lessons learned

Prompted by a listener's request (thanks @prathav.jpg!), Ben has decided to reveal the good stuff. How much money he made from his first info product (dollar amounts $$). As of now it's been out for nearly 2 months, and after a stressful and long-awaited launch process, he's finally started to make some money after building an audience for a bit over a year.

It's one thing to build an audience, but there's some doubts when it comes to making money from an audience. You don't want to break any of that trust and reputation that you've worked so hard to build, but you do want to be able to make a living from social media. Monetising the audience can sound so transactional, but maybe a good way to reframe it is that you are providing value for others and getting paid for it. You're moving others forward in their lives, helping them get unstuck, helping them learn things, helping them save time, and it's ok to be paid for your services!

And when the time comes to start making some money, there's the question of what to build. There's so many options; Patreon, courses, sponsorships, products. Maybe a good way to look at it is to think about the products you like to consume. For Ben that's courses, he's a self-proclaimed course junkie. But making a full course seemed like a stretch for a first product, and he was very wary of getting into analysis paralysis so he decided to intentionally scope down what was in his product and reframe it all as an experiment.

We go through his entire launch process, including; why he decided to do a video walkthrough, why and how he decided to bundle a sketch note pdf, how he decided to market it to his audience, and what he would've done differently.

AND we reveal how much he made from it ($$), exact dollar amounts. We hope you enjoy!