#17 - Building the Capacity to be Consistent, and Cohort Courses

Francis talks about trying to build up the capacity to keep on tweeting more as he starts to build a little bit of momentum. Even though he's only posted 1 recently, it's more than he's been posting in a long time—and the real challenge is keeping that momentum up and trying to improve over time.

Ben's been trying some new stuff to engage with his community by trying out a Draw This In Your Style challenge. We talk about how to make tweets or other images stand out in the timeline, and what Ben's been thinking as he gears up to launch his first YouTube video.

We also touch on Ben's thinking as he works on creating a new course. This one's going to be created in a more slow burn style, but he needed to do the initial crunch as he did for his initial tutorial just to prove that the whole thing could work.

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(00:00) - Intro (00:34) - Francis works on posting on Twitter more (07:35) - Ben experiments with #DrawThisInYourStyle (14:15) - From Sketch Notes to YouTube Videos (18:32) - Enhancing Tweets with Visuals (20:47) - Making Images Eye-Catching (26:08) - The Psychology of Offering Free Content with Optional Payment (30:42) - Ben's Path to Creating a YouTube Course (37:58) - Starting Again with Cohort Courses (39:15) - Finding Francis' First Monetization Strategy (43:20) - The Magic of Editing and Targeting Intermediate Audiences (48:08) - Overcoming the Challenge of Consistently Posting Content