#14 - (Over)analysing Youtube, and how else can we price our stuff?

Streaming is one thing, but making polished videos is another. Ben's starting to get to work on YouTube and he's nearly got his first video out. You'd think after doing this whole content creation thing he'd already have the hang of everything but he's finding all the same doubts are coming back. Imposter syndrome. Am I good enough? Perfectionistic tendencies. Even though he's made good headway in conquering all that for his Instagram, it doesn't mean they're gone forever.

We discuss what he's been analysing when he's been thinking about how to make his first video. How the thumbnail and title are worth thinking about before making the video, how to think about story structure, and how he's analysed other channels to figure out what he wants in his channel.

Francis is also back in the saddle a bit as he's gone back to his app building roots. At the end of the day programming is something that he enjoys and has a "passion" for, and he's going to use that as raw material for getting started in the content game.

We also cover some thoughts on different ways to price your products. Taking some lessons from the developer/programming world — are there things that could work for selling info products and courses?

We hope you enjoy this one, we love hearing your feedback, questions, and suggestions! Contact us on @makenowthinklater or send as an email at hi@makenowthinklater.com.


(00:46) - Starting YouTube and all the doubts are coming back

(02:23) - Thumbnail and title first for YouTube

(05:43) - Ben's first video: drawing the head

(12:55) - Diversifying the YouTube audience

(17:25) - Francis is making apps again

(24:06) - Not just doing the thing, but making content from it

(28:14) - Tools should focus on the developer/creator experience

(30:45) - Taking a break from long projects

(33:25) - Pricing that grows as your customer grows

(39:34) - A licensing model for bigger customers

(44:37) - A premium on physical things?

(49:56) - Wrapping up