#20 - Small bets to navigate the content game

In this one we talk about the concept of small bets. That is breaking down your content, business, or product ideas into smaller pieces so you can learn from them quicker. Think about having a portfolio of many small bets vs having a portfolio of few large bets. Luck works in your favour when you have many bets because of the law of large numbers!

Getting good at content is about experimentation. What works for others many not work for you and it's so dependent on you, your voice, and your audience.

Our first Make Now Think Later product small bet is a photoshop plugin! It's linked below.

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(00:00) - Intro

(00:39) - The Fillthy plugin

(02:16) - Describing small bets

(06:20) - The Kelly Criteron

(09:29) - Small bets in content

(14:51) - Breaking out of what's working

(18:17) - Conserving energy

(22:10) - You still need to consume content

(24:59) - Staying curious

(26:57) - Consistently making small bets

(30:11) - Fear of alienating when experimenting