#15 - Noticing content ideas while you're doing your thing

Once you've found the thing that you're doing, the next step is to find a way to make content from it. But it's not so simple — it's a skill in itself to be able to notice when something is noteworthy enough to make content from, and it's hard enough to do that while you're doing your thing in the first place.

Ben gives some tips as to how he does it. He focuses on noticing the friction more than the content itself, cause when he thinks about the friction then the content comes naturally. Then he'll capture that feeling in his note-taking system (make sure you take the time to write something your future self will actually understand).

We also talk about Ben getting into the YouTube game and how he's getting real close to putting that first video out. The self-doubt and procrastinaty feelings are combing back though! But if you can find a way to push through that and start getting into momentum, then you're most of the way there.

We also go into some deep technical stuff talking about what Francis has been working on, and the content ideas that he's playing with.

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(00:42) - Noticing content ideas while you're doing your thing

(7:53) - Positives of streaming content

(11:03) - How soon to make the content

(19:11) - Getting into YouTube

(26:17) - Feeling the self-doubt again

(31:47) - Building momentum in making content

(37:55) - Going into Francis' technical stuff

(42:53) - Finding harmony in what you're creating

(44:42) - What is an artist?

(46:39) - Wrapping up