#13 - How would you grow if you could start again?

Ben's been upping his streaming game and is working on trying to optimise his processes. Francis has found it a bit frustrating to get going in recent times, feeling a bit time poor. We discuss the impact of different content types, how we'd go about it if we could start again. All the self-doubt still comes in when you think about starting a new thing, and the answer to all that is the same as always.

- Start small

- Think of it as an experimentation

- You don't have to be an expert

- Share your journey

It's funny how we've reiterated this so many times, yet we still forget the same simple lessons. I guess sometimes the hardest things about getting going are the simplest things.

(0:46) - Streaming is a priority for Ben

(6:58) - YouTube may be the next highest impact thing

(9:29) - Different types of video content serve different purposes for reach

(15:19) - If you started a new Instagram account, how would you grow it

(20:15) - How do you get the initial reach with Reels

(24:49) - The beginner questions when starting a new channel

(30:07) - Finding creative ways to get it done

(35:43) - Quality within reason, but you have to post

(39:52) - Focusing on the right metrics

(43:02) - What's your main problem out of those metrics

(49:43) - Starting small and using your personality

(54:35) - Next plans for Francis

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