#6 - Should you be building world-class content, when's the right time to make a product, and building things that fit with your lifestyle

We're stuck (again). Eventually, to really get noticed you need to start making world-class content. It sounds overwhelming, it sounds unreachable, but the truth is you're probably much closer to being able to create world-class stuff than you think. We're stuck, because we're thinking about how can we really provide value to people (with the goal of eventually starting to make money from it).  How can we start making world-class stuff?

It's hard because really you don't know what world-class is, and just wanting to create world-class things doesn't give you the ability to create them. World class content doesn't exist in a vacuum, it depends a lot on your audience and it depends a lot on what you can uniquely provide. You are closer than you think to creating world-class content. You may need to intersect some of your interests, you may have a unique way of presenting your information, you may have a unique perspective which is world-class for other particular people.

Let me be clear, looking back on it, we are DEFINITELY overthinking in this episode. It's hard to know that you're doing that in the moment. We're getting caught up in the minutiae of things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. We say we should be thinking now, and making later, but really we probably shouldn't. I guess this is part of the struggle of going through this journey, it's a constant fight to realise that you are getting in your own way and trying to overcomplicate things. Note to self: Make now think later! You get most of the feedback you need to start finding your right audience, and creating getting product through the process of actually just putting stuff out there.

We do have some idea of what we want our content to look like. Extremely valuable, uniquely us, and actually useful to people. In reality we just need to keep putting stuff out there and stick to a plan that doesn't burn us out.

But when's the right time to create a product? Honestly, this is probably one of those things of "you'll know when you know". The audience will be the first to tell you. And when someone posts that Futurama gif of Fry yelling "shut up and take my money" it's definitely time. Keep in mind that your audience might tell you to do a Patreon, do streams, do whatever. But realise that they just want more from you, when you're picking something to do, make sure that you pick something that suits your lifestyle. If you don't want to put out content on a regular schedule, don't do Patreon. If you hate reading, don't write a book. You get to choose the format.