#12 - New experiments in 2023! Fast, polished, or interesting: Pick 2

The year is now 2023. Apparently we're doing New Year's Reminders and not Resolutions. Our reminders? Keep the momentum going, keep the experiments going, and keep the content going! Francis has started off with starting a new Substack. It's a channel for him to talk about the more introspective & philosophical stuff that he enjoys talking about. His first post talks about the feeling of being disappointed with your output and the constant pains of trying to explain to others what you're doing.

There's something about creating new channels, or new places, for pieces of content to go. It helps your educe the friction to putting stuff out there. The simple act of having a place, and having it be public just works for some reason. That's what's been working for Ben, he's finally published a new version of his website, and just having it out there has him publishing more than he has in the past year combined.

It's not enough to just have the place to put the content, we talk about a model of making content where you have 3 things to consider: Polished content, interesting content, fast content (i.e. fast to create). You might only be able to pick 2 of those for each piece of content you produce. And it's worth acknowledging that this is a tradeoff you have to make (and that you're making it).

We really think we hit a good stride in the end, where we start talking about how injecting a little randomness in your content creation process might be a good idea if you're really trying to see how impactful your content can be. Trading off exploration (finding new avenues) vs exploitation (hitting what's already working) is something that you'll constantly be tweaking, and is really a great way to experiment and figure out what works for you. Who knows, you might get more results for less time (which is exactly what Ben has found with his new experiments in making reels).

We hope you enjoy this one, we love hearing your feedback, questions, and suggestions! Contact us on @makenowthinklater or send as an email at hi@makenowthinklater.com.