#11 - The impact of AI and being more than just a creative

AI is coming. It's getting better. It can draw now. The fear is real, your jobs are doomed—or are they? We have an off-the-cuff convo about AI art and what it means for the creative person trying to make their way in the creative industry. Spoiler alert: We aren't really concerned.

We don't know what's going to happen, no-one really does. We have some theories, some opinions, of what it might mean, but to be honest we think it's capable of amazing stuff but think the best thing to do as a creative is to adapt!

The AI cat is out of the bag, and however it may affect the job industry—we believe in being more than just creatives, with skills that AI's can't replicate, and being real problem solvers who are tasked with solving real world problems. Not just someone who is there to draw, or there to code.

An AI can't understand what a client really needs, it can't connect with other humans, it doesn't have the shared experience that so many other humans look towards and seek. You're more than just a creative person, and that's what we think you should lean into to survive the AI apocalypse!

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