#18 - The content game is a psychology game

Making content is kinda the easy part. Actually posting it and feeling like it's ever good enough is the hard part. In this one we cover how making content sometimes feels more like a battle of managing yourself.

Francis is frustrated with feeling like he doesn't have the time to make the content. When you're working on an app it takes up all of your time, so to actually make the stuff you have to make time for it. But it might just because he takes it a bit too seriously. Posting is a skill you have to develop, and posting should be enjoyable. But the difference between "should" and "is" is big, and crossing that barrier requires some thought — and unfortunately for him, the best way to get better at posting is to post!

Ben's already felt that one and his posting skill has developed to a point where he can do it almost effortlessly, but for him, the challenge is now not getting too trapped up in the numbers. As he's got some success now, sometimes he feels a bit too attached to the numbers and might have a bit of a tendency to read too much into the different "like" numbers from different posts—especially now that "how well" a post does is now linked to his income.

We also get a bit into some of the numbers in Ben's latest youtube video, how much he's made from ads, and how it's encouraged him to really consider YouTube as a content platform worth investing in.

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(00:00) - Intro

(00:58) - Making apps takes up content time

(05:56) - Getting the reps in to start posting anything

(07:41) - ChatGPT reviews Francis's substack post

(12:05) - Never being as good as you think you'll be

(14:02) - Enjoying posting, not enjoying making bad stuff

(17:45) - Posting is a skill itself

(22:34) - The content game is a psychology game

(29:35) - More on posting being a skill

(31:03) - Letting go of the numbers

(38:59) - Making content is more about managing yourself

(41:19) - Numbers for Ben's first YouTube video

(44:57) - You can make a career from YouTube

(51:11) - Wrap up