#16 - Michelle Chan: TikTok success and comics for mental health

Michelle Chan joins us today to discuss how she's found a bit of success on TikTok making short comics and posting them as carousels. TikTok seems to be the most inconsistent of the social platforms. The lows are low, the highs are high and it's kinda hard to predict which one's are which.

She's gone semi-viral with at least one comic, and her most successful one just happens to be the most personal and vulnerable one. Literally a drawing of a slice of her life, in a very clever way. When you're able to capture a feeling so well and resonate with others, you really do resonate though, and some of the comments she's received have really shown that the struggle that she's experienced is real and experienced by others also.

The comic is here!

Michelle's hosting a workshop on "Turning Memories into Meaning Through Comics" on April 22, 2023 in Adelaide at the City Library.

You can find details here!

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(00:00) - Special Guest Introduction

(00:41) - Michelle's TikTok Success

(07:32) - Describing the Blob Comic

(09:35) - Therapy Comic Series Idea

(14:10) - Splitting Accounts for Experimentation

(15:50) - Resistance and Excitement from Ideas

(21:18) - Mental Health through Comic Workshops

(26:47) - Wrapping up